Yayasan Pema Norbu Vihara (YPNV) or the Pema Norbu Vihara Foundation was set up in December 2015 by sisters Susan and Rita Sim. Practitioners of the Palyul lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, Susan and Rita became aware of and concerned about the confusion, myths and misconception surrounding Tibetan Buddhism and the lack of access to teachers and therefore the right practices, especially in their home country Malaysia. Susan shared these concerns with her friend Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, who suggested that she start a Tibetan Buddhist centre in Malaysia. He even suggested a name for the centre: Pema Norbu Vihara. Susan and Rita then got blessings from the late HH Penor Rinpoche to set up the YPNV and the blessing of the centre was conducted by HH Karma Kuchen Rinpoche.

the 3 Pillars of YPNV

The YPNV aims to uphold two core aspects of Tibetan Buddhism, wisdom and compassion, through the 3 Pillars of Education, Practice and Social Responsibility.

Education is the root of wisdom. The YPNV aims to provide factual information to the public about Tibetan Buddhism to clear up confusion and misconceptions. This will enable the public to make wise decisions when seeking teachings and practices. Eventually, the YPNV aspires to encourage Buddhist studies at the highest level by creating a chair for Buddhist Studies/ East Asian Civilisations at one of Malaysia’s universities.

Wisdom arises through practice, and the YPNV provides access to the teachings and practice of the Palyul lineage through classes, prayer sessions and dharma talks by resident lamas and visiting teachers. A retreat centre is also in the works, to provide a retreat space for Palyul practitioners from all over the world.

Social Responsibility
Wisdom without compassion is ruthlessness. The YPNV is cognizant of this fact, and cultivates compassion hand-in-hand with wisdom through its commitment to the wellbeing of society. Every year, it runs several activities to give back to the less fortunate of our society.

Background Photo Credit: Untitled via Pixabay