Ancestral Memorial Service 2017

Join us to pay respect to the dearly departed and our ancestors this September at Yayasan Pema Norbu Vihara. Ancestor veneration is a well-established practice in Asia; something of cultural importance that is progressively integrating into the Buddhist path. Therefore, during the 7th month of the Lunar calendar, a time when spirits from the underworld are believed to roam freely for 30 days, prayers and other offerings are generously given to the unseen, with the wish of easing their suffering and that they will swiftly achieve enlightenment. We also pray that our ancestors will meet with and be reborn in favourable conditions to practice the Dharma. All merits accumulated from the prayer, chanting and life release sessions will be dedicated to one’s parents, family, loved ones and to all sentient beings.

For those who are interested to participate in this meaningful event, please download the registration forms viagra online usa below and email the filled-up copies to: or contact Wendy, Chris or Jiang Zi. 

It is a free-to-attend activity although donations are welcomed. Your support is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Registration form in English: AncestralEngForm

Registration form in Chinese: AncestralChiForm